When Does BNWAS Affect You?

BNWAS is required to be installed on all newbuild vessels with keels laid either on or after 1st July 2011. Existing vessels will be required to retrofit the system at the first survey after the dates outlined in the regulations depending on the vessel type and size.


BNWAS Implementation Schedule 

BIMCO Advice

BIMCO has advised its members to be aware that the first survey may not happen at the same time as a dry docking and that as such owners should note that considerable work might be required for retrofitting a BNWAS which could take a vessel out of service.

As such consideration should be given to fitting the system at their vessels' next dry docking ahead of the mandatory implementation dates and not wait for annual surveys within the compliance window.

Definition of First Survey:

  • The first survey means the first annual survey, the first periodical survey or the first renewal survey, whichever is due first after the date specified.
  • For a passenger ship, this is the first renewal survey for "Passenger ship safety survey"; for a cargo ship (non-passenger ship), this is either the "Cargo ship safety equipment survey" or the "Cargo ship safety survey" (combined survey - if the ship chooses to combine all SOLAS certificates in one).
  • For both passenger ships and cargo ships which are under construction, if the keel is laid before, but the ship is delivered after, the date specified in the relevant regulation, the initial survey is the "first survey".


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